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Welcome to the Ennis Chiropractic resource blog! We are a specialized chiropractic office located in Houston, TX, offering upper cervical chiropractic care using NUCCA protocols. Our team of expert chiropractors uses personalized care and techniques to provide targeted, effective treatments that can help reduce pain and discomfort and improve your overall health and wellness.

Allergy Alert

Allergy Alert: How Your Histamine Levels Drive How You Feel

April 18, 20241 min read

Dr. Michael Ennis dives into how upper cervical chiropractic care can influence your body's response to allergies, especially during the springtime.

In this informative session, Dr. Ennis explains that allergies often result from an excessive histamine reaction in the body. Conventional medications typically work by blocking the signals that trigger histamine production.

However, Dr. Ennis offers a different approach by ensuring the nervous system functions optimally, thus maintaining a balanced response to allergens.

He highlights the significance of addressing the nerves in the upper cervical region to potentially moderate these reactions.

While not a cure-all, this method aims to help the body respond appropriately to allergens, which many patients find life-changing.

Join Dr. Ennis as he sheds light on this natural approach to managing allergies, aiming for a balanced and effective bodily response.

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Dr. Michael Ennis, NUCCA Specialist

Dr. Michael Ennis, NUCCA Specialist

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In this blog, we will be sharing articles that provide valuable information about upper cervical chiropractic care and the benefits of NUCCA protocols.

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