Who We Are

Modern Health Care with Chiropractic Roots.

Top Rated NUCCA Doctors in Houston.

Who We Are

Modern Health Care with Chiropractic Roots.

Top Rated NUCCA Doctors in Houston.

Dr. Michael Ennis

My severe allergies as a child kept me from experiencing a lot of really great things.

My parents did everything they were told to try: surgeries, shots, herbs, drugs, and anything else.

We were introduced to a Chiropractor.

It changed my life.

After only a few sessions, I felt great. We threw away all of the pill bottles, syringes, and useless advice after the doctor explained my body's reaction to nerve interference resulting from spinal imbalance.

I dedicated my life to helping others discover the one thing that so radically changed mine.

Together, we'll do some amazing things.

Dr. Brandon Ennis

I was born into a chiropractic family and was adjusted since birth.

During high school, I was very involved in athletics and didn't understand how much was afforded to me through chiropractic as it was always the norm for me.

I would watch my teammates and friends go through injuries and surgeries and then I realized what set me apart, and why I hadn't. At the end of high school, I knew I had to help offer the same privileges afforded to me through chiropractic, to others.

I am beyond excited to now be practicing Upper Cervical NUCCA specialty alongside my dad, Dr. Michael Ennis.

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We specialize in extraordinary care that simply cannot be replicated by other doctors. Whether you have seen a traditional Chiropractor, massage therapist, osteopath, or other kind of doctor, know that we focus on modern, technology-enabled healing that is truly amazing to experience.

This is not traditional Chiropractic care.

There are no pops, cracks, or snaps.

There is no risk of injury from seeing us.

You don't wake up feeling sore after your visit.

There is no bruising.

In fact, our care is so gentle that we routinely see infants and seniors.

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