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Introducing a revolutionary program that finally addresses the real reasons why you feel cloudy and tired all of the time.

My name is Dr. Michael Ennis. For more than 30 years, I have been helping people in the community to unlock their health and thrive.

After seeing thousands of cases, I have created a unique solution that has quickly built a loyal following.

That solution is called Thrive Care and it is something you will only find in my office.

Are you struggling with brain fog and fatigue that's affecting your ability to live life to the fullest?

Do you feel like you've tried everything, yet nothing seems to work?

You're not alone - many people experience these symptoms, and they can be a sign of underlying health conditions that may go unnoticed.

In my office, we understand the frustration that comes with feeling misunderstood by other doctors. That's why we take a personalized, three-phase approach to helping you identify and relieve your symptoms, so you can get back to feeling your best and living life the way you want.

Our program focuses on the root cause of your symptoms, not just treating the surface level symptoms. By addressing the underlying health conditions, we can help you eliminate brain fog and fatigue, so you can feel energized and focused throughout the day.

  • In Phase 1, we'll conduct a thorough evaluation of your health history and perform a comprehensive physical examination to identify any misalignments in the upper cervical spine that may be contributing to your symptoms.

  • In Phase 2, we'll develop a personalized care plan tailored to your specific needs, utilizing upper cervical NUCCA adjustments and other therapies to help you achieve optimal health.

  • In Phase 3, we'll focus on ongoing wellness, helping you maintain your newfound energy and vitality and live life to the fullest.

We believe that you deserve to feel your best and thrive in all areas of your life.

Don't let brain fog and fatigue hold you back any longer - take control of your health today and schedule your appointment with Dr. Ennis in Houston.

With our personalized approach and proven methods, you can feel confident that you'll get better and stay that way in 90 days, so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

It's Time For A New Approach

Let Dr. Ennis Help.

We specialize in extraordinary care that simply cannot be replicated by other doctors. Whether you have seen a traditional Chiropractor, massage therapist, osteopath, or other kind of doctor, know that we focus on modern, technology-enabled healing that is truly amazing to experience.

This is not traditional Chiropractic care.

There are no pops, cracks, or snaps.

There is no risk of injury from seeing us.

You don't wake up feeling sore after your visit.

There is no bruising.

In fact, our care is so gentle that we routinely see infants and seniors.

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