Houston chiropractor shares: What does a crisis do to your health?

I don’t think anyone needs to tell those of us who live in Houston what a crisis feels like.
We’re going to be experiencing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey for quite a while.

As we were opening up the doors in the offices of Houston chiropractor Ennis Chiropractic, the question came up: What DOES a crisis do to your health?

The first patients we see from a crisis tend to be those who experience physical injury.

A dispatcher came in the other day talking about general soreness and a really stiff back; she had been on eleven days of dispatch calls without a break and was having trouble getting around. When she came to our Houston chiropractic office for help, I shared something that she was surprised to hear: the stiff back is something we’ll certainly address, but there are plenty of other things we need to talk about.

It’s vital to look beyond the sore limbs and stiffness.

Stress, lack of sleep, changes in diet, and emotional duress all take a toll on the body and the central nervous system, but you don’t often experience the repercussions of those problems until later on. When a crisis hits, endorphins flood your system and you feel better than you really are. As “the moment” wears off, your body struggles to keep up. If you do not take time to recuperate, you’re going to experience issues not only in the short term, but throughout the rest of your life as well.

How can you restore your health naturally and safely?

As a long-time chiropractor in Houston, I’ve helped hundreds of our neighbors address the issues in their spine and central nervous system that cause and worsen the kinds of complications seen from crisis situations. I’m opening my doors to the community NOW so that you can come in, learn about your body’s current state, and decide for yourself how best to begin restoring your optimal health. Your body was meant to be a self-healing, self-regulating organism. With my help, you can address the complications and return to this state.

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