Meet Dr. Michael Ennis

     My life completely changed!     

My severe allergies as a child kept me from experiencing a lot of really great things.

My parents did everything they were told to try: surgeries, shots, herbs, drugs, and anything else.

We were introduced to a Chiropractor.

It changed my life.

After only a few sessions, I felt great. We threw away all of the pill bottles, syringes, and useless advice after the doctor explained my body's reaction to nerve interference resulting from spinal imbalance.

I dedicated my life to helping others discover the one thing that so radically changed mine.

Together, we'll do some amazing things.

Dr. Michael Ennis, DC

NUCCA Health Care in Houston with Dr. Michael Ennis

Your Personal Power Panel

I have been a Houston TX chiropractor for many years, but only recently have I figured out a really unique way to explain how my care is so unique in the area. Imagine an electric panel with a master breaker at the top and several rows of sub breakers below. If the master breaker is pulled, ALL of the power is cut off – THAT’S NOT GOOD!!

But what if the master breaker had a short in it?

So that it didn’t cut off the power but created a situation that causes one or more of the sub breakers to continually “pop”, forcing you to continually have to reset them?

While resetting the sub breaker temporarily restores the power, guess what is going to happen in the short term? Right! It is going to “pop” again and again, because the real issue is the short in the master breaker I mentioned above.

Your spine and nervous system is very much the same. In this case the Master Breaker in your spine is at the very top. It’s called your atlas or C1 vertebra and the sub breakers are everything below. For many I have been trying to keep their bodies functioning at the highest level but I have been forced to focus on the “sub” breakers. The exciting news is we now have a proven system to address and correct the Master Breaker in the way that is necessary to achieve a longer lasting corrections and as result much better function and improvement.

There is now an advanced protocol where we can now analyze and correct the “Master Breaker” (or C1, if you like) to a degree that allows for drastic improvement in overall function and the time necessary to achieve.