Chiropractic helped my Spinal Stenosis!

I was first referred to Dr. Ennis by my son who had received treatment for a back problem. He was very pleased with the results that Dr. Ennis was able to achieve in alleviating his pain.

I had recently been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, (which is a squeezing of the nerves in the spinal column due to age and a spinal fusion I had 30 years ago) after a long period of time with various doctors. I had had a bad fall about two years before this and had been seeing a pain doctor for relief of my back pain since then. After my fall I was in a wheelchair for two months and thereafter had to use a walker or a cane to aid my mobility. I had received steroid injections several times, which did no good for me whatsoever. I had also developed the bad habit of slumping over when I walked due to the pain in my back. My pain was alleviated somewhat with pain medication but I wanted not to have to rely on that so much in the future.

I was, at first, very reluctant to see Dr. Ennis because my father, who was an anesthesiologist, told me never to darken the doorway of a chiropractor, for reasons of his own. Therefore, coming to see Dr. Ennis was a major milestone in my life. Fear was a major feeling coming to the office that day. I was immediately struck with the kindness of the staff and the thoroughness of my evaluation. Dr. Ennis seemed extremely knowledgeable and professional and I felt immediately and completely at ease in his care. 

Dr. Ennis and his staff have taken me under their wing and have greatly enhanced my quality of life in so many ways. I have never had better posture in my life and my back doesn’t seem like a question mark anymore. I am using neither a cane nor a walker anymore and can go about my life without much support. My pain specialist had told me that people who suffer from spinal stenosis usually end up in a wheelchair but with Dr. Ennis’ help I am not going to end up that way.

So, I have a great many things to thank Dr. Ennis for and I am so grateful that I darkened his door that day. And if you get the chance, have a massage with Sally and her “Magic Hands”. ~Susan F.


Chiropractic helped my back pain!

My first visit at Ennis Chiropractic was 6 or 7 years ago and it was for back pain from moving one of my daughters. Over the years my monthly tune-ups have kept the pain away. I’ll turn 50 this year and proud to say I’m on NO prescription drugs. Thanks to the team at Ennis Chiropractic. Thanks for the health. ~Richard L.

Dr. Ennis helped me regain my health!

Before I came in to see Dr. Ennis, I had pain in my neck on the left side that felt like it was broken, which caused severe pain to shoot up into my face. Also my fingers were numb and I thought I had nerve damage from my epidural from my daughter’s birth.

My back hurt all of the time and my mom was tired of me complaining all of the time. Over the counter meds weren’t helping. I could barely do anything except complain!

After receiving chiropractic care with Dr. Ennis, all of my symptoms went away. I felt younger and able to do anything! In fact, when I do something crazy (without thinking), I am always coming back to Dr. Ennis to fix what I messed up! Thanks Dr. Ennis! ~Michelle V.

Chiropractic helps Migraines!

I have suffered from migraines as far back as elementary school. At around age 26, they became more frequent and severe. The pain was so severe at the height of a migraine, it would cause any or all of vertigo/dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and a searing sensation up my neck/behind my eye on the right side. My other friends/coworkers in healthcare urged me to see a neurologist. I did the routine doctor visits & MRIs. It was a good step because it ruled out any neurological problems…but still left me to deal with the pain. I couldn’t afford the name brand migraine medications ($170 for 6 pills), and the generic brands worked only temporarily while making me feel ‘drugged’. I had always been a skeptic of chiropractic care, but was at my wits end & was the only thing I hadn’t tried/followed through with. I began coming to Dr. Ennis in January of 2011. Dr. Ennis’ office & staff were so welcoming & professional from the first visit onward. They really seemed to care about my case & sympathized with my reasons for seeking care. They are also THE most accommodating and flexible doctors’ office I have ever dealt with…coming from someone in healthcare! I began a series of treatments & within 3-4 weeks, I began to feel just better overall. Stood taller, posture felt stronger, etc. One day, I was due for an adjustment, but a horrible classic migraine had set in. I forced myself to go to the appointment and showed up wearing dark shades and feeling horrible. Dr. Ennis saw the pain in my face, evaluated my neck & it was like a light bulb moment. He said “whoa! This guys hanging way out here…its no wonder you’re in pain” (speaking of my C1 being out of alignment). He explained how this could most likely be the culprit in my migraine history and proceeded to realign it. It is no exaggeration when I say that within 10-15 minutes, and without medication, that same tell-tale excruciating pain was alleviated. I could tell I’d had a migraine…but the pain itself was gone. In addition to routine alignments, I continue going to the gym & practice better sleeping habits (no stomach sleeping). I have not had a migraine in over 3 months and counting. I now view chiropractic as preventive maintenance for my spine, much like oral health (i.e. teeth brushing, flossing, etc). Following through with and continuing chiropractic treatment under Dr. Ennis was and is one of the best things I ever did for my body. ~Melinda J

Pain has diminished!

Since having regular monthly visits to Dr. Ennis my symptoms of hip and lower back pain have diminished dramatically. I wake up with less pain and sleep better through the night. My posture has improved also. Having scoliosis could have prevented me from doing many things, but because of chiropractic care, I enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. ~Kelly K.

Lower back pain is gone!

When I first started coming to Dr. Ennis it would be painful to bend over or even lean back due to my lower back and hip pain. While coming it was interesting to see just how out of whack I really was. Since coming, not only have I seen great improvement in my pain, but also performance.

I am involved in a sport called cross fit, involved with that is weightlifting. As a result of my chiropractic care I have been able to complete the lifts correctly and even PR’d on many lifts. I also had many stomach problems and Dr. Ennis was able to ease that pain as well.

I am a firm believer that chiropractic works and I have greatly benefited from it. It has helped improve my quality of life. Thanks! ~Keelee Adams

Dr. Ennis relieved my back and neck pain!

I came to Dr. Ennis to help relieve my neck and back pain that I have suffered from for 25 years due to car accidents. It didn’t stop me from doing anything but it had built up so much over time that I didn’t realize how bad it was.

Normally I just dealt with the pain as much as possible. About 5 times a year when it got really bad I would take an ibuprofen, but that was it.

After starting chiropractic care I realized the pain was not as constant. And, my overall health began to change. I used to have colds and the flu several times a year. Over the last three years I have only had the flu twice. This was an added benefit I wasn’t expecting!

Thank you Dr. Ennis! ~Christine Z.

Chiropractic has helped me feel better!

My name is Elaine. I’m 56. I have been a patient of Dr. Ennis now for over 5 years. Before I visited DR. Ennis I had back pain, hip joint pain, and at times neck and shoulder pain. Once I received my initial get you back into shape treatment I have very little to no pain all the time. I keep up my monthly appointments and stay in my proper adjustment. I enjoy my visits and always look forward to each and every appointment. Dr. Ennis you and your staff rock! ~Elaine L.

No more bed-wetting!

Our son had wet the bed once or twice a week for most of his life up to the age of 9 and a half. By that age he was frustrated and embarrassed. Sleepovers were nearly non-existent, and we had to wash the bed sheets so much it was never ending.

Our pediatrician said he would grow out of it or we could try a prescription drug. Now, at 9 and a half a boy does not want to wait and see how long it takes to grow out of it! We were about to try prescriptions but decided to take him to Dr. Ennis after seeing extremely positive results in our own treatment and of our other child’s treatment.

After starting chiropractic care, instead of accidents once or twice a week, bed-wetting stopped completely for the first six weeks! One accident in over two months was a remarkable change in his life and ours too! It increased his self esteem, and we celebrated his success with a sleep over camping in a tent!

Thank you to Dr. Ennis and his wonderful staff! ~K. I.

I suffered from horrible allergies…

Prior to me starting to work here, I suffered with horrible allergies. I was forced to take daily doses of anti-histamines to cope with the sneezing and watery eyes. This sometimes prevented me from working and costing me quite a bit in allergy medication. The only way I could find relief was to stay inside on high pollen days or to take multiple daily doses of over the counter allergy medications. After receiving chiropractor care, I noticed the frequency of allergy outbreaks decreased more and more. As of now, it has been over six months since my last allergy attack and there is no need for costly daily doses of allergy medications. ~ Ryan H.

I discovered I had a pinched nerve…

My wife, Quencilia, had been seeing Dr. Ennis for quite some time and had been telling me about how much it has helped, but I was too stubborn. I discovered I had a pinched nerve so bad that I had to purchase a walker just to walk around. I own a business of maintenance repair and inspection and couldn’t work because of the pain. I went to my general practice doctor and was prescribed Vicodin and other pain medications and that really didn’t work. I finally decided to start chiropractor care with Dr. Ennis in August of 2009. Good thing because I saw results right away. I was back to myself in no time and I was able to go back to work. I feel blessed to come here and I recommend that anyone who is having problems to come in and see Dr. Ennis. It really works! ~ Michael G.