Are you sick and tired of feeling SICK and TIRED?

From drinks to pills to jewelry and everything in between, there are so many companies trying to tell you that THEIR products will change your life.

The problem? Few actually work.

I take a very different approach to your health.

I want you to understand WHY you deal with energy, mood, and recovery issues. I want you to address some of these problems on your own, WITHOUT relying on the "magical" cures that are all over the web. I want you to feel better and discover the right path for you. 

My expertise is based on identifying problems in the body's communication systems and restoring optimal health without surgeries, prescriptions, or even "crack and pop" adjustments that leave you sore.

When you take the time to go through these resources, you're taking the first steps to finally figuring out what is causing the problems that keep you away from the things in life that you truly enjoy.

Yes, I want free access to your health guides and resources so I can better understand why I feel so tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed!

You Get INSTANT, FREE Access to the Following

Three Online Courses

After spending years and years helping women identify and eliminate the issues that keep them feeling tired and overwhelmed, I have developed a set of short courses that will help you better understand the situation you may be facing. Let's get to the core of what is ACTUALLY wrong before trying to solve anything. You will leave these courses feeling more in control and ready to make some positive changes!

  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • The Real Root of Your Issues

Printable Worksheets

Watching these courses may help you better understand what it is that is hiding behind the scenes and causing trouble in your life. However, I have found that it is only after we take ACTION against these issues that we truly start the path of getting better and staying that way.

With each of the three online courses, I have prepared some printable worksheets that you can use to get to the bottom of what is causing YOUR issues. Watch the courses, fill out the sheets, and you'll start to see your plan coming to life right in front of you!

Guidance for Your Issues

These courses are meant to give you a better idea of the general reasons why stress and many other factors end up being big reasons why you struggle with energy, mood, or recovery times. They are not, however, a one-size-fits-all approach.

That's where my staff and I come in. You can call and ask questions about this material at any time. You can also schedule a complimentary phone consultation with me (Dr. Ennis) so that you can get your questions answered as you work towards your own, personal solution to the issues preventing you from truly enjoying life.

"Dr Ennis is more thorough with his diagnostic work up than anyone I have ever seen. Most importantly, he listens to you. My therapy was specific for my issues. I was better after a few weeks of therapy, than years with other doctors!"


You also have something waiting for you at my office

I want you to know that my staff and I are here to help. These complimentary resources are meant to help you gain perspective, confidence, and direction for addressing the problems that leave you tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed. They will help you manage some of your issues, but there are more steps in getting the kind of solution you really want.

When you are ready, you have a seat in my 45 minute discovery sessions waiting for you. Come to the office with other potential members of my practice. Let me show you and the rest of the group what I have done for others. Ask your questions and get direct, honest answers. You'll leave knowing whether or not if my unique, personalized care is for you. If you want to move forward, you will receive a $125 voucher towards your new member screening appointment - making your cost only $79. You'll leave this vital session with a better understanding of your body's current state, the issues causing the symptoms you are experiencing, and how my gentle, painless care can help you restore health and unlock your true potential. 

Yes, I want free access to your health guides and resources so I can better understand why I feel so tired, frustrated, and overwhelmed!