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Our pain-free, drug-free plan for natural reduction and elimination of Vertigo is here. Get started for only $79.

Data Driven Care

Zero Guesswork

Our exclusive NUCCA care program is designed to use the latest modern, scientific instrumentation to identify and track the physical issues that lead to symptoms of Vertigo. We scan for changes at EVERY appointment to show change.

Totally Safe and Accurate

zero snap, crack, or pop

Has "traditional" chiropractic care kept you from seeing someone like Dr. Ennis? His unique, gentle care requires none of the typical adjustments you associate with chiropractors. You won't feel sore after you're done with a session, either!

You're Not Leashed to Us

no need for hundreds of visits

Some chiropractors ask for a lifelong commitment to seeing them in order to keep away the pain and symptoms. This isn't necessary with exclusive NUCCA care! Many of our patients see faster relief and require far fewer visits than "traditional" care!

Houston Vertigo Relief

Vertigo is one of the most misunderstood and misdiagnosed issues that prevent you from enjoying life.

Vertigo and dizziness are sometimes tough to diagnose because of the variety of symptoms and frequencies of problems. These very serious conditions are life-altering and rarely able to be addressed by general practitioners.

Getting to the root of the problem is THE most important goal. Issues like cardiovascular disease, stroke history, hemorrhages, or even tumors can cloud diagnostic efforts for most physicians.

Aside from inner ear issues, there are other causes to Vertigo and dizziness. They can include:

  • The visual "righting reflex" of your eyes which orients your body to the horizon. Your brain uses this reflex to adjust your gait and stance. When there is nerve interference, it can cause Vertigo and dizziness quite quickly.
  • Your ears contain tiny balancing organs that function through the use of fluid. When your balance is off, these tiny organs communicate ineffectively and can bring sudden bouts of dizziness and headaches.
  • Your nerves are responsible for properly transmitting information for the eyes and ears via the brain stem. Nerve interference here can put your brain and corresponding motor functions into disarray. Your muscles receive incomplete information and fail to take the correct action.

    I can't believe the difference!     

So many doctors told me that Vertigo was something that I just had to manage - that it was an ongoing struggle I wouldn't be able to shake. I tried so many medications and therapies that did little more than mask the symptoms.

Dr. Ennis showed me a different path with NUCCA care. He showed me the progress and I felt completely different. So much of my life is better because of him and his team!

My unique vertigo program addresses the real root cause of vertigo and brings change that other doctors simply cannot replicate.

From the first appointment, I am able to identify key structural and alignment changes that need to happen in order to restore nerve function and restore the body-brain connection that handles all motor functions.

My vertigo patients begin to see relief much more quickly than they thought possible. In some cases, I have been able to reduce or completely eliminate Vertigo and dizziness issues that have plagued people throughout their entire lives.

Your first session

This visit is only $79 for new patients and qualifies to be paid for with your HSA!

Here is what to expect on this visit:

  • In your first session, we will complete a personal health history exam to ensure that I know about anything in your life that could be contributing to the problem.
  • A series of short, painless scans will ensure that we can objectively measure your nervous system, brain stem, and correlating sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. (ZERO needles, by the way!)
  • A full screening of your spine will allow me to look for curvature or trauma.
  • We will also be looking for spurring, degeneration, compensation in your walking gaits, and any barriers that would slow or stop progress.
  • Finally, we will confirm that you qualify for our NUCCA care plan and review it with you in detail.
  • On your second visit, we will go over all of the test results and take the first set of NUCCA X-Ray films if your case qualifies for the program and you want to move forward.

Make Your First Visit

Other doctors send their patients to me when they run out of options.

Don't wait that long - let's address your Vertigo now

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