Summer Sessions with Dr. Ennis

Houston residents are getting out of pain without pills, surgeries, or expensive and invasive testing.

Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Ennis. I've become known as one of the go-to experts in personal health in Houston because of my track record of life-changing results as well as my unconventional process. I've developed a "health first" program that helps your body restore its self-healing and self-regulating processes WITHOUT drugs or surgery. 

There are so many options and avenues for taking care of health issues from ongoing dis-eases like vertigo, migraines, and Fibromyalgia to general symptoms like low energy, slow recovery times, and mental fog.

For many Houston residents, the solution to all of these problems and more has come from a local health expert who has been working magic for more than 25 years. Meet Dr. Mike Ennis, founder of Ennis Chiropractic.

When you hear the word chiropractor, you automatically assume some things. In this case, they would all be wrong.

Dr. Ennis doesn't "pop" and "crack" your neck and spine.

His adjustments don't hurt. They don't leave you feeling sore.

He doesn't offer a "shotgun approach" to figuring out how to help you.

In fact, his care is on the cutting edge of modern technology.

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