NUCCA Chiropractic

A totally unique, gentle kind of chiropractic care that you have to see to believe!

Your Central Nervous System is Your Personal Power Panel.

A power panel is a series of control breakers that turn electricity to various parts of your home on or off.

At the top of that power panel is the master breaker.

When the master breaker is OFF, nothing gets through. It's all dark.

When the master breaker is ON, electricity goes to the individual breakers and then out to the house.

But what if the master breaker has a short in it?

When you have electrical problems in your home, you head right to the power panel to look at the individual breaker controlling the problem area. Replacing that breaker should fix the issue.

But if the problem is in the master breaker, the problem won't really get better. It may appear to be resolved temporarily, but it will come back (and probably worse).

You'd spend your time regularly resetting or replacing that individual breaker, sure that it would fix the issue, only to waste time and money stuck in a cycle that won't end.

Your spine and nervous system are very much the same. 

Your master breaker in your spine is at the very top: the Atlas bone or C1 vertebra. The sub breakers are everything below.  

Many doctors (including traditional chiropractors) try to resolve pain, dis-ease, and problems by focusing on the whole of the spine or even specific vertebrae. Sometimes, they eventually look at the Atlas bone, but it's after a lot of time, effort, and cost.

As a unique specialist, I have perfected a program and technique that STARTS by ensuring that the Atlas bone is in proper position. In fact, when this happens first, many issues resolve faster than virtually any other type of care.

Best of all? My care is pain free.

Traditional chiropractic care can be scary to some because of the jerking, popping, and cracking.

None of that happens with my NUCCA care program.

Gentle, specific adjustments of the Atlas bone don't require those forceful, often painful movements. The pressure you feel is no more than what you can comfortably place on your eye when it is closed.

You spend less time in my office.

My care program shows long-lasting effects with near-immediate results.

This is truly something you need to experience for yourself. I offer you two options for doing that.

When you tell us that you completed our NUCCA quiz online, you'll earn a discount on your very first appointment!

Come to my discovery session.

You'll spend less than an hour in my office with other potential patients. You'll meet me and my staff. I'll review some case studies, show you the equipment, and explain how everything comes together to dramatically impact and improve your health, energy, and well-being.

Classes are usually held Mondays at 6pm and Thursdays at 8am.

Book a personal exam appointment.

If you're ready to get right to it and start addressing issues that are stopping you from doing what you love and truly enjoying your time, then get on my calendar for a one hour session.

We'll review your health history. We'll perform a set of painless exams to understand your current state. I'll walk you through NUCCA care and how we can get started right away.