The Warrior Woman's Guide to Unleasing Your Inner Power

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About this course

Low energy, headaches, frustrations, bad dreams, and a lack of motivation are all issues that you face on an ongoing basis. What if there was a path to getting beyond them and really, FINALLY, getting to be one of those women who others marvel over?

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Introduction from Dr. Ennis

I want to make sure that you see a lot of value in my services. I've been helping women regain energy, improve clarity, and be able to chase their passions for more than 25 years. This program is something special that I built with the help of my practice members.

Step One: Nailing YOUR Need

Everyone has their own struggles and challenges. Unfortunately, there are many times when your own make you feel alone and hopeless. This program was designed to bring light to the issues that many women struggle with - and to share my solution for overcoming these obstacles.

Step Two: What's Possible

Now that you have had the opportunity to jot down some ideas about your current state and future state, let's go further down the line and talk about how you get there!

Step Three: The Real Root

Now let's go a step further and better understand the real root of the issues that are causing you to miss out on the things you really want to be doing.

Step Four: One-to-One

With a better understanding of some of the issues that could be causing your symptoms, I want you to come to my office and meet with me One-on-One. We'll start the Healthy Body stage of the Warrior Woman's program together and I'll be ready to answer your questions.