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You are only one step away from a natural, safe way to resolve your migraines.

"NUCCA" care addresses a core principle that is often overlooked by many medical professionals and even other chiropractors. The body's "breaker panel" (like the one in your home) controls all of your body's functions. When something goes wrong, most look to the individual "breakers" to find a problem. Our care is unique because we first address the "master breaker" in your central nervous system to ensure that you get healthy, stay healthy, and have the BEST life possible. Our sessions are pain-free and require far fewer visits than you'd expect!

What's included in your first session?

  • 1-on-1 Consult with Dr. Ennis - Review your personal health history to identify the root cause of your troubles
  • Chiropractic Screening - Get a baseline for your current health so we can track improvement together
  • NUCCA Evaluation - Discover if you are a candidate for our incredibly unique, life changing technique that has changed so many lives in Houston

What is the cost of this session?

Your first session with Dr. Ennis will cost $59 when you schedule your appointment with the form below. This is a savings of $100 from a "walk in" appointment.

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