Low Energy Is Not Normal: Houston Chiropractor Explains Why

When you go to the grocery store, you’ll undoubtedly pass an aisle near the pain relief and cold medicines that is chock full of energy products. From little shots of liquid to full size drinks and other oddities, the energy drink market is an incredibly large one. Whether you work long hours, work odd hours, or are busy chasing pets and children, there aren’t many of us who haven’t tried one of these products or at least thought about doing it.

But why are these products emerging NOW? Why haven’t they been around for decades? Are we just getting more tired than the generations before us? Dr. Michael Ennis with Ennis Chiropractic in Houston weighs in on the subject of low energy and the ways we address it.

The Disconnect of the Energy Drink Craze

“I absolutely think that there are many people today who don’t take care of themselves and are feeling more tired more often because of it. The digital revolution has made it incredibly easy to stay connected no matter where we are or what time of day it may be and many people feel compelled to stay connected. When you’re ‘on’ for too long, your body’s sleep rhythms have trouble keeping up and your body can’t get the healing time it needs.”

Having low energy and feeling tired throughout the day is the body’s way of warning us that we need to have some down time to recuperate! Energy shots, drinks, and supplements try to “override” those warnings by pumping extra vitamins into the body quickly so that you can “jump start” yourself and get back on the move WITHOUT the vital rest that your body needs.

“I don’t suggest the use of energy drinks or supplements to any of my patients – they’re a really bad idea if you step back and think about it.” says Dr. Ennis. “You don’t want to mask the symptoms that your body is expressing to you and you sure don’t want to try to bypass those symptoms. You need the rest, you need to unplug, and you need to make sure your body is at optimal health so that your rest is meaningful.”

Alignment Makes a Big Deal

“When you have alignment issues in your spine, it causes havoc throughout your body. Your central nervous system winds through your spine, so when you have an alignment problem, it’s like putting a kink in a garden hose. When a hose is kinked, water can’t get through to take care of the plants at the end of the hose. From a distance, the hose looks fine, and there is SOME water coming out, so you could convince yourself that there is no reason to worry about the kink. Unfortunately, malnourished plants quickly die! Your body does the same thing – when your organs don’t get their instructions from the brain or when blood doesn’t flow properly to all parts of your body, you can’t operate efficiently. When your body can’t operate efficiently, your rest does little to restore you. This means that getting eight hours of sleep STILL won’t address your low energy problems. You really need to find and address the kinks so that you can restore yourself with good sleep and get out of the low energy “fog” that you probably feel.”

How do you combat low energy?

Dr. Ennis is combating low energy by offering new patients the ability to come in, discuss their health history with him, complete non-invasive chiropractic screenings and tests, and then get a personal action plan for addressing any problems that Dr. Ennis may find. Ennis Chiropractic in Houston specializes in addressing neck and spine issues that cause problems like low energy, sleeplessness, and similar issues. Dr. Ennis offers adjustments to get you back to 100%, but they are pain free and much more gentle than other chiropractors.

Learn more about how Ennis Chiropractic in Houston can help you naturally and safely address low energy issues so that you can get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible.

About the Author Dr. Mike Ennis