Lower Back Pain: Ennis Chiropractic in Houston Shares Relief

Dr. Michael Ennis has been helping patients in Houston, Texas to get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible for the last 25 years. During that time, he has treated a variety of problems, but one comes up more often than anything else: lower back pain.

“Lower back pain is something that a lot of people experience.” Houston chiropractor Dr. Ennis explains. “Unfortunately, a vast majority of people don’t take the time to understand WHY they are experiencing lower back pain, which means that they aren’t able to address the root cause and get away from it.”

A Symptom, Not a Problem

Dr. Ennis goes on to discuss the notion that lower back pain can be a pretty serious issue. When you experience lower back pain, it is a symptom of a problem – not the problem itself. Many people are quick to reach for pain killers to dull the symptoms. This is the equivalent of putting electrical tape over the “check engine” light in your car! You won’t experience the warning anymore, but it sure doesn’t address the problem – ignoring it only makes it worse.

The problems that bring lower back pain are most commonly found in the spine and how the spine is aligned. Over time, a person may do things to develop and worsen alignment issues in their spine. As those problems continue to develop, they bring lower back pain and a variety of other problems. Pain relievers won’t address the root cause and “just dealing with it” won’t make a person any healthier, either. The body is a self healing, self regulating system that is designed to have optimal health. When optimal health can’t be obtained, a chiropractor is the best choice for addressing the issues and restoring health.

Why Rely on a Houston Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain?

“People in Houston don’t come to me because of the pain they experience in their lower back. They come to me because of what that pain stops them from doing. If you are a grandparent, you want to be able to play with your grandchildren, but lower back pain can make you sit out from making those memories. If you’re an athlete, lower back pain can cause you to miss workouts or practice, impacting your performance. If you work in the service industry, lower back pain keeps you from connecting with your customers and really making the difference you want. No matter who you are or what you do, lower back pain causes an incredible number of complications and stops life from happening. I’m tired of this and I want to do my part to help.”

How to Get Started

Dr. Ennis is offering a new patient special to sufferers of lower back pain so that they can understand what he does, how it helps, and what the cost is to get healthy. The first appointment is only $79 and includes 1-on-1 time with Dr. Ennis to discuss personal health history, an initial set of chiropractic exams to discover the root problem, and a personal plan for addressing the problems, the anticipated costs, and the length of time to get out of pain. If you’re excited about the potential for change and ready to get started, Dr. Ennis can even begin your care the very same day!

“If you’re in Houston and want to get healthy, please give me a call. I offer gentle and pain free adjustments that are simply unlike anything you’ve ever pictured with a chiropractor. I have many patients who are ready to share their stories of transformation with you, too. I want to take care of my neighbors so that we can all get healthy, stay healthy, and have the best life possible.”

About the Author Dr. Mike Ennis