Houston Back Pain

Anyone dealing with back pain in Houston knows that the issue is so much more than just the physical pain.

When you suffer from back pain, you can't be as active as you want to be.

When you deal with back pain, it is harder to concentrate on your work, your family, and just about anything else.

Back pain in Houston is a concern that Dr. Mike Ennis has heard from many members of his chiropractic practice, Ennis Chiropractic in Houston. Above all else, Dr. Ennis talks about the importance of finding relief from back pain in Houston.

Dealing with Back Pain in Houston

There are many ways to address back pain issues, but not all options provide the best, long-term results. When thinking about the best ways to fix back pain in Houston, you should really evaluate your desire to address the issue for the moment or for life.

When you take medications or use heating pads to deal with back pain, you are simply putting off the pain until a later time. While these may be simple things to implement in the moment, they will end up taking more of your time when the symptoms return.

When you work with a Houston chiropractor to address your back pain, you can get the root of the issue and begin addressing the problems that brought the back pain in the first place.

Much of the back pain that you experience comes from your body and posture not being ideal. When you hurt yourself, you compensate by changing the way you walk - ever so slightly, in many cases. When your gait is changed, your spine contorts to accommodate the new movement. This then produces new problems like back pain - not because of the initial injury, but because of the way that your body compensates to avoid the initial pain.

Addressing Back Pain with a Houston Chiropractor

Getting beyond the pain is the goal that you should have when dealing with back pain. When you work with a specialist like Dr. Michael Ennis at Ennis Chiropractic of Houston, you'll be able to get to the root of the issue, identify a care plan to fix the problem, and be able to get back to life as quickly as possible.

Dr. Ennis specializes in a method called "upper cervical chiropractic care". This unique method enables Dr. Ennis with the tools to quickly restore alignment in your spine WITHOUT the "crack" and "snap" adjustments that many people associate with Houston chiropractors. In fact, Dr. Ennis is able to get amazing results with applying roughly the same pressure as what you can comfortably place against your closed eye. Precision, modern technology, and specialty training has enabled him to address back pain in Houston!