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Houston Chiropractic Care Helps Military Personnel

I don’t think there are many people who would try to doubt the dedication and support that our military provide to our families, communities, and country. As a Houston chiropractic care expert, I know that these brave men and women need our support. In today’s world, they are a critical part of our security. They take care of us.

We need to take care of them, too.

Whether a career military professional or coming out of a short stint of active duty, we find that many members of the military have problems with their posture, back, and central nervous system. This may sometimes show itself as being tied to a sore back, but there are many other manifestations of “vertebral subluxation” or nerve interference in the spine.

What can lead to vertebral subluxation in military professionals?

There are a variety of ways that vertebral subluxation can occur, particularly in military professionals. They include:

  • Extended periods of extensive physical exertion
  • High stress situations
  • Dramatic changes in sleep schedules

“Coming home” is another big one. Here’s why.

When military professionals re-enter civilian life, we see a tremendous spike in stress, anxiety, and frustration. Heading home from a tour of duty has been described as simply going from one foreign territory to another because of how different military life can be compared to civilian life. Often, the lack of a regimented schedule and chain of command cause significant fluctuations in eating patterns, sleeping patterns, behavior, and physical activity. These swings can cause nerve interference (vertebral subluxations) when the spine is out of alignment and the body isn’t communicating clearly between the central nervous system and the vital organs.

Here is where chiropractic care comes in.

Restoring the body’s optimal health through the removal of vertebral subluxations is a pivotal part of chiropractic care. Many “traditional” chiropractors do this through the fairly well known “neck crack” and “back pop” adjustments that leave patients in short-term pain or at least feeling sore for several days.
Unfortunately, the anxiety associated with these traditional methods can steer potential patients away. The pain and soreness can cause new patients to cancel future appointments.

Dr. Ennis is the Houston Chiropractic Care Expert

NUCCA Chiropractic Care is a modern, technologically advanced process that eliminates the “pop and snap” adjustments that push people away from care. In fact, the majority of Dr. Ennis’s patients in Houston don’t even FEEL the adjustment beyond some light, steady pressure for a few moments. It really is something to see for yourself. We even offer Houston chiropractic care workshops so that you can come in, meet our team, ask questions, and get an idea of how our care works BEFORE you make an appointment.
Military personnel seeking Houston chiropractic care should complete a new patient exam so that they can get a better idea of how their posture, spine, and central nervous system are positioned to enable the body to function as a self-healing entity. NUCCA Chiropractic Care doesn’t require as many visits as “traditional” chiropractic care, either.

Take advantage of our new patient special for military personnel

Call our office today at (281) 218-7571 and let us know about your military affiliation. You’ll earn special pricing on your new patient exams as well as your first adjustment with Dr. Ennis. Get healthy, stay healthy, and thrive at 100!

We’ve Extended Our First Responders Program!

We are honored to have seen such an amazing response from our Houston first responders regarding our special offer to get them into the office and help them avoid lifelong damage as a result of stepping up to help our community. We’re extending the program to make sure we can get everything in. Dr. Ennis explains in the video below.